A Challenging Funk Rhythm in E

September 23rd, 2022

The Funk Rhythm Recipe

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Backing Tracks

Free Backing Tracks For Selected YouTube Videos

**Download the tracks by clicking the link and the 3 dots on the pop-up**

make it funky(Bruno Speight).mp3

the soul strum 92bpm w:bass.mp3 - for "Probably the most important strumming pattern" video

side steppin in funk rhythm in D.mp3 - the "Side Steppin" video

the funky weave.mp3 - for "The Funky Weave" video

johnny guitar watson - C7.mp3 - for "Johnny Guitar Watson" video

Am to D Groove.mp3 - for "Common Soul/R&B Chord Progression" video

01 Shake Everything You've Got.mp3 - for " Shake Everything You Got" video

shake everything you got slower.mp3 - for "Shake Everything You Got" video

g7 to c7 90bpm.mp3 - for March 30th, 2018 Funky Friday video