What's Coming in June 2023

  • June 1st - Bending Technique - Learn To Fix Noisy Bends Instantly(Lesson now live in Lead Guitar -Blues Lead Lessons)

    When teaching students just getting into bending strings one very common technique flaw I see all the time results in a lot unwanted string noise. It's frustrating for everyone started out in playing lead. The great news is there is a quick and simple fix for this, which is the focus of this lesson.

  • June 2nd - Funky Friday

  • June 9th - Funky Friday

  • June 15th, 2023 - 5 Burnin' Funk-Rock Licks You Should Be Playing

    Although I play clean leads a lot of the time, I love to crank up the gain and make some eardrums bleed as much as anyone! In this lesson we will go through 5 burnin' funk-rock licks ala Eddie Hazel, Ernie Isley etc.

  • June 16th - Funky Friday

  • June 22nd, 6pm PST - Live Workshop - Let's Talk About Gear!

    We are going to do something a little different this month and focus this live workshop on all things guitar gear. I will run down my main live rig, guitar-amp and pedalboard and give suggestions on getting the best tone possible for your setup. I am sure we will all learn a lot from each other and have a ton of fun in this one, don't miss it!

  • June 23rd - Funky Friday

  • June 29th - Playing Over Chord Changes - IV -#IVdim - I7

    The IV -#IVdim - I7 chord progression is a very important and common way of getting from your IV chord back to the I chord in Blues and as a well rounded improvisor you should be able to play through it well. In this lesson I will show you how using the diminished scale can give you some very cool sounds though this progression and instantly elevate your blues leads.

  • June 30th - Funky Friday

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