What's Coming in May 2024

  • May 3rd - Funky Friday

  • May 9th - Top 10 Funk Guitar Strumming Patterns You Should Know(lesson now live in Funk Rhythm - Additional Lessons)

    In this lesson you will learn 10 funk guitar strumming patterns every aspiring funkateer should know. Nothing fancy...just simple, tried and true rhythms that you MUST know.

  • May 9th - 6pm PST - Live Workshop - Using Soundslice For More Productive Practice

    Every Lesson at Tasty Guitar is powered by the amazing Soundslice video/TAB player. It is the most state of the art music learning platform out there, but you may be unaware of many of the features which can dramatically increase the productivity of your practice sessions. In this month's live workshop will go in depth into the tools included with Soundslice to make sure you are getting the most out of every lesson on the site. Don't miss it!

  • May 10th - Funky Friday

  • May 17th - Funky Friday

  • May 23rd - The Rhythm - Lead Guitar Balancing Act (lesson now live in Lead Guitar - Blues Lead Lessons)

    When playing in a live band setting with a vocalist, it is often necessary to balance your rhythm guitar comping duties while also throwing in tasty licks in the spaces between vocals lines. This can be a little challenging at first. In this lesson you will learn to strike this delicate balance... while not getting in the way of the singer.

  • May 24th - Funky Friday

  • May 31st - Funky Friday

  • Schedule and Content Subject To Change

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